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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Unlimited Email Storage

Who needs Gmail when you have your entire hard drive to hold your mail? Save text, attachments, and be able to search through them instantly. Even when you're offline. Here's how:

Note: This article assumes that you use Mail 2.0 or higher and you already have your account set up.

1) Create a new mailbox in Mail by clicking the "+" icon in the lower left hand corner. Call it "Archive" and set the location to "On My Mac".

2) If you haven't already, it's probably best for you to have Automatic Junk Mail Filtering. This is not Training Mode (when junk mail appears brown). Go to Mail Preferences and click the radio button "Move it to the Junk mailbox (Automatic)".

3) Stay in the Preferences. Click "Rules", and then hit "Add Rule". Call it "Archive". Set the rules as follows:

If any of the following conditions are met:
Every Message
Perform the following actions:
Copy Message to mailbox: Archive

This copies every message in your online account to your mac for offline viewing! Click OK, and make sure that the rule "Archive" is after the rule "Junk". This is so that spam does not get saved to your Archives.

This is especially great for people with AOL. Now you don't have to worry about a 20MB limit, re-downloading attachments, and now you can search through all your messages!


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