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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Easter Egg Found in Apple's Final Cut Pro HD

Those of you fortunate enough to own Final Cut Pro 4.5, or those who promote eclecticism: nested in your FCP application itself is a string that is quite out of the ordinary. Open up "Final Cut Pro.rsrc" ( / Applications / Final Cut Pro HD / Contents / Resources / Final Cut Pro.rsrc - to open Final Cut Pro HD, right-click and select 'Show Package Contents') in any text editor and you will stumble upon this hidden message*:

If we can't ship this puppy by then, we might as well be herding yaks. I'm glad it's getting weird again. I didn't understand it when it wasn't weird. The C switch statement: Mmmmmm! Chock full of nooses! That would be like crossing the streams or something. Mmmm... Chicago style pizza! I've got my blankie, I'm good to go. A lot of this job is mental. "Mostly clockwise, sometimes reverses..." What's the sound of one luma clamping? I just wanna be in the app! Oh, rough and woeful music which we have! Cause it to sound! The Yak is a delightful creature... rather like a visit with a bovine Confucious Nobody might know anything. I don't know, somehow it just works. How do you tempt a Yak? Chocolate covered espresso beans! We're not the engineers you're looking for. Move along, move along. The little cartoon man is messing with my head! Speed kills, but sync maims. It's compatible with it's legacy. Twix bars: A brand-new bad habit! Many Yaks were exploited during the creation of this product. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of nuclear weapons in this product. I'm concerned because the cow sounded pretty threatening. I am NOT a mad cow! I don't care who's on the other end of the phone... Hang it up! I have deniable plausibility. Note to the galley: Romulan Cosmos no longer to be served on school nights! Carrot and a footprint. Asteriskified? Where's a single Yak to go now that the Edit Bar is gone? Aaargh, I forgot to pay the rent! When you have a car that's that uncool, you just gotta drive stupid. Did it happen with yesterday's umbrella? When can I do color correction by the pool? Are you filling his head with chocolate? The lights going off at midnight, it's almost like a slap in the face... Hey, stupid, it's tomorrow! Yeah, that's covered under item #152. I was probably the last one to see him alive. We're not play'in poker here. All I want for Christmas is a stack trace! Think PIKE! Don't look at me. They're not my flying monkeys. What, were you expecting "Moo" or something? This is not a Yak Bite. Somehow I can't convince myself that this isn't all just one big hack. At least Spock had stone knives and bear skins! It's a single malt problems. Everyone drops it the first time. OK... who's job is it to write the Flush Wizard? Controlled evil is not necessarily bad. Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking? I think so, Brain... but can you do that with a Yak? It's like a gob of peanut butter for the roof of your brain. Savor the unbridled complexity that we've crafted for you. Look, there's no such thing as a 'Clacker'! Don't panic - everything is under control. There is no fire. Have a great day. Get rid of the spasmic "U". That's my fault originally, but many others are to blame since. The disco ball is spinning, but no one's home. There were many lessons learned during the early years. That movie had plot holes big enough to drive whole other movies through! Please refrain from sucking. I'm highly in favor of putting in code to do stuff. I want to see lots of deliminators. Can I get that for free? Wrong thinking will be punished. Right thinking will be as quickly rewarded. All right, Who replaced the Oscillation OverThruster with an AutoSyncDetector? Will, you're scaring the children. Didn't this used to be purple? Hellooooo! I'm trying to edit here! Remember-- thingies are free! ...and so forth and so on... That and a folded napkin will level a chair. Oops, It works! Free drink? That just cost me $200! Don't lick your zipper. I went to pull it out and it was like three feet long. Kinda cool; kind of a hack. Like so much of this business. Salad is a lot of work! The opposite of "weird" is "boring". Do or do not. There is no don't. Thirty quatloos says it crashes during launch! Check your Caps Lock key. ...by an expert. Worse, a committee of experts. There's a disease going around in QA right now. Stay away from those guys. What? You were expecting a paper clip? Personally, I _like_ editing under a tree! We're going to leave the underwear in the tutorial. Ok, Nobody prints, Nobody gets hurt! Please hold for the next available consumer. Cows didn't have dynamite and steam shovels. This is so lame it hurts. She's speaking in tongues. I was the innocent victim of a drive by coding. It's all wired up... we just have to turn it on. Where's the 'Poof' manager?It's the international symbol for "Your zipper's open". There exists, but you can't get there from here. There was a memo? That's a little too non-virtual for this group. These buttons are... Bonk with Wrench, I Love Lightning, and Enjoy Fireworks from Lakefront. It also doesn't read French novels. I am SO 29.97 all the way! Well, 7 is more than 6. Two "its" can be a "them". I assume you stayed away from the snapping turtles in the pool. I've been here before You can call me Bruce the Wonder Yak.

Apple developers are weird!! This is as random as random gets. Bold text denotes the differences of the string between versions 4.0 and 4.5. 10 bucks drugs were involved.

*Tested with FCP 4.0 and 4.5, other versions may or may not have this easter egg.

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