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Friday, November 25, 2005

My iPod Killed my Grandma

Last night at Thanksgiving dinner I decided to bring my new video iPod to show my 90 year old Grandmother. She bought it for me for my birthday which was a week ago, even though she didn't really understand what an iPod was. So after dinner I pulled my 30gig out of the sleeve, scrolled for a song, and handed her the headphones. Well, being the teenager that I am, I like to blast my music, so when I handed her my new Bose TriPort headphones, I forgot to turn the volume back down. The song started (Best of You by the Foo Fighters, for those interested), Grandma jumped an inch in her seat, and keeled over.

We called 911 and the ambulance came promptly. But she had already passed. The medic said she suffered from a heart attack. My guess was she wasn't expecting such a loud bang.

I'm going to be so humiliated at the funeral because the whole family knows I was the cause. Even though she was already old, I'm sure several stern glances will be casted my way. Even this morning my dad wanted to throw my iPod and headphones away because he didn't want me to touch something that killed his mother.

I'm not going to press charges against Apple or Bose because her death really wasn't their fault. I guess it was her time to go anyway. Please be conscious of your volume levels so the same doesn't happen to you or a loved one. Thanks, maybe this can save a life.

Note: The story above was completely fictional and meant for humorous purposes only. Fooled you! Don't believe everything you read...


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