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Monday, November 28, 2005

iPhoto Facial Recognition

Well, not really, but it seems like it!

Have you ever wanted to see how many photos of someone you have? Now it's a breeze, thanks to keywords. Wait! You're probably thinking "This is dumb, I'm not going to type in all the names of everyone in my whole library over and over!" This is a common misconception. You do not have to type their names repeatedly! Keywording may be something you overlooked because a) maybe you couldn't find the Keywords Palette or b) you thought it would be too tedious. Well, let me tell you, I keyworded my entire 2 week trip to Europe (800 photos) in just less than 1 hour. Afterwards, it feels like you have a whole new library! Recall pictures in iPhoto just as easily as songs in iTunes, no extra shareware apps needed. Here's the most efficient way to keyword your entire library:

1) The Setup. Open iPhoto. Select View -> Keywords to see any keywords that may already exist. Now, go to iPhoto -> Preferences and click the Keywords icon at the top. Hit "Add" to add a new keyword. Type in a name of someone that you have a lot of pictures of in your library (probably yourself, you egotist you). Do this for everyone in your library (if you want, you can only input the names of the people who you have a lot of pictures of, like your close family and friends). This may sound time consuming, but it isn't, since you only need to type their name once. Just their first name is sufficient. If you know you have pictures of different people with the same first name, type their last names as well. You can come back to this window if you remember new people down the line.

2) Start Keywording. Select the first photo in your library and go to Photos -> Get Info, or hit command i. Hit the keywords tab. You should see all of the names you entered. Click the checkbox of everyone's face you see in the first picture. If no one is in a photo (say, just landscape), you can completely skip this picture and move on to the next. You never have to close this window and reopen it since it is dynamic; the data displayed will change depending on which photo(s) is/are selected.

3) Repeat!

That's all! Test out your work by typing their name in the lower right hand corner. Type more than one name to find picture combinations. You can even refine your search by clicking Albums first and then typing, to see who is in, for example, your album of your trip to Australia. Go on, show off to your friends, they'll be amazed!

Productivity Tips

1) If you have some group shots, I recommend making a keyword called "Group". This way, you do not have to check every single name of everyone who is in that picture. Unless you want to do that.

2) If you have multiple pictures with the same people in them, command-click those pictures. Shift-click if they are adjacent. Once you assign a keyword, they will apply for all the photos selected.

3) Listen to iTunes while you keyword. It's your digital hub, treat it like one!

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  • you can drag groups of selected photos onto the keyword blocks to assign the words to all of them quickly

    By Anonymous Mudbug, at 11/28/2005 10:57 PM  

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